This author feels that the focal point in any facial surgery, especially facial framing with hair transplantation, would be “the eyes”, and not the particular portion of the face or hair that was enhanced.

Additionally, the author feels that all three hairlines must be restored to achieve true balance, beauty and proportion. That is the frontal hairline and the lateral hairlines and temporal peaks.

The basis for the above mentioned opinions have both a mathematical and an artistic basis, as ancient as the pyramids. The ancients called it the “Divine” or “Golden”, Mean, Section or Ratio. There is no other single number that has played such a significant role in the history of the universe and it is fitting that it is referred to by many as golden.

While it is unknown exactly when first discovered and applied by man, the Golden Section has existed in math and the universe and has been rediscovered throughout history. The Egyptians used both Pi and PHI to design and construct the pyramids.

The Greeks used both PI and PHI to build the Parthenon. Plato considered the golden section to be the most important of all mathematical relationships and the key to the physics and the universe.

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