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Bio-FUT is an innovative, cutting-edge technique that leverages biologic technology to accelerate healing, promote denser hair growth, and even stimulate the growth of non-transplanted hair during the follicular unit transplantation hair rejuvenation procedure. Here at Greco Hair Restoration, we’ve developed a proprietary method that utilizes your own regenerative cells to enhance the effectiveness of this procedure, offering unparalleled possibilities. If you’re in Tampa, Sarasota, or anywhere else in the world and you’d like to learn more about how Bio-FUT can help you rediscover your healthy, natural hair, reach out to our Sarasota location and speak with a helpful member of our team to set up your initial consultation today.

Bio-Enhanced FUT for Advanced Hair Restoration

Bio-enhanced follicular unit transplantation (or Bio-FUT for short) is an advanced hair restoration procedure that combines the traditional FUT technique with the utilization of your own regenerative cells to create exciting, enhanced results. We believe that everyone deserves to move through life enjoying the confidence that comes along with a healthy, youthful head of hair, and we’re excited to offer our innovative new Bio-FUT procedure alongside a range of other surgical hair restoration options at our Sarasota office.

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The Ideal Bio-Enhanced FUT Candidate

When you visit Greco Hair Restoration in Sarasota, you’ll meet with a member of the Greco Family, who will call upon extensive training and expertise to ensure that you’re guided to the hair restoration treatment option that’s best for you and your goals. We’ll likely recommend Bio-enhanced FUT if you:

  • Have significant hair loss or thinning in specific areas, such as the crown, hairline, or temples, that can benefit from hair transplantation.
  • Are dedicated to taking steps to stabilize the progression of hair loss.
  • Can provide an ample supply of robust hair follicles from a donor site. We usually source these from the back or sides of the scalp. A key factor in determining if FUT is right for you is having an adequate supply of donor hair. During your consultation, we will guide you to the best options for your unique hair needs.
  • Are in good overall health with no underlying medical conditions that may hinder the healing process or pose risks during the procedure. A comprehensive medical evaluation may be conducted to assess your suitability for surgery.

Expert Hairline Aesthetics 

The key to aesthetic hairline outcomes is utilizing art and mathematic principles. Our goal at Greco Hair Restoration is to create a natural hairline in one session.  Like any piece of art, a vision must be conceived so that its component parts make a balanced, harmonious whole to the eye of the beholder. It is the outline for the painting or the composition, so to speak. Good composition is achieved when all elements visually relate to each other in a balanced way.

The Greco Team has a proven track record of attention to detail and artistry in hairline design. Their aesthetic touch, technique, and artistic design principles have been refined over decades of experience and nearly 40,000 surgical procedures in hair restoration and dermatology. Greco Hair Restoration utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques like Bio-FUE and Bio-FUT to ensure the best possible outcome for every patient, including faster healing, less scarring, and, most importantly, a balanced naturalness.

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How Does Bio-FUT Work?

FUT involves removing a strip of hair-bearing scalp from the donor area in the back of the scalp and microscopically dissecting it into individual follicular units for transplantation. With Bio-enhanced FUT, we’ll isolate your body’s natural regenerative cells obtained from the donor strip adipose tissue to promote rapid healing of the donor site, resulting in an almost undetectable incision and minimal scarring. 

Additionally, during the surgical procedure, the follicular units are bathed in a regenerative cell culture medium, nourishing the hair follicles and increasing the yield of transplanted hairs. This proprietary technique helps us ensure that you enjoy thicker, healthier hair, with results starting to become visible much faster than with the traditional FUT technique.

Furthermore, bio-enriched growth factors derived from your own body are injected into the transplanted area, facilitating faster healing and improving the density and quality of existing non-transplanted hair. This innovative approach harnesses the body's own natural healing abilities and maximizes the potential for successful hair restoration.

By incorporating bio-enhancement techniques, Bio-FUT offers you a speedy healing process, increased hair yield, and improved overall aesthetic outcomes, making it an ideal option for those seeking hair restoration with minimal scarring and enhanced results. If you’re in Tampa, Sarasota, or anywhere in the world, reach out to our office today.

The Advantages of Bio-FUT at Greco Hair Restoration in Sarasota

  • By utilizing your own regenerative cells, Bio-Enhanced FUT promotes rapid healing, resulting in an almost undetectable donor incision. This minimizes scarring and enhances the overall aesthetic outcome.
  • During the surgical procedure, all follicular units are bathed in a regenerative cell culture medium, nourishing the follicles and promoting a higher yield of transplanted hairs. This leads to denser and more natural-looking hair growth.
  • We isolate regenerative cells from the patient's adipose tissue and inject them into the transplanted area, giving a boost to hair growth. This helps speed up the healing process and makes existing hair healthier and fuller.
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Your Leaders in Bio-Enhanced Hair Transplantation

Greco Hair Restoration is home to three generations of highly skilled doctors. Dr. Joseph Greco, Jr., and Dr. Joseph Greco III continue to carry on the tradition pioneered by their patriarch Dr. Joseph “Doc” Greco, and have earned a reputation for excellence due to their deep understanding of the innovative techniques involved in bio-enhanced hair transplantation. Patients can trust the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of the Greco Team to deliver outstanding results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you with your hair restoration needs, our team is ready to get you started and set up your initial consultation. We’ll help you explore options like Bio-FUT, Bio-FUE, and a number of other procedures that can help you regain your youthful looks. We’ve earned a reputation by creating exciting results for patients in Tampa, Sarasota, and the world over, and we can’t wait to learn more about what we can do for you. Reach out to our Sarasota location and schedule your initial consultation today.

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