Alleviating Back Pain

Back pain is among the most common complaints among adults. Sedentary lifestyles or accidents and injuries can all contribute to acute or chronic back pain. You may be someone who is potentially facing surgery or has had multiple surgeries and is still in pain.  You may be someone who is in persistent pain, but your x-rays or MRIs don’t really show any major problems.

There is an alternative to explore...

Greco Hair Restoration offers orthobiologic treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and our proprietary cyclokine-rich plasma (CRP).  In our care, we have been able to reduce, and at times eliminate the need for medications or surgery even in the most challenging cases.

The real beauty of these treatments is that there are minimal to no effects because Orthobiologics are derived from your own blood.  They are tailored exactly for you... by you.

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Success That Matters

Greco Hair Restoration has been using growth factor and regenerative based therapies for decades. Several years ago as part of a biotech company, we developed a more purified form of PRP that we call CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma). Our proprietary processing technique allows us to create a natural protein matrix to serve as a biologic scaffold to help concentrate growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins in the treatment area for extended periods of time. CRP/Matrix may be used alone or along with advanced regenerative therapies to treat forms of back pain. We have published, lectured, and taught the benefits of orthobiologics to physicians both nationally and internationally. Greco Hair Restoration has the experience and technology to help you heal yourself safely and naturally.

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Back Pain Testimonial

I am 81 years old, very independent and have always been very active, walking 3-5 miles a day, yoga daily and active in the local community, volunteering the seniors and less fortunate with tax preparations. Starting in 2011, I found myself slowing down, less energy and loss of strength. To say this was frustrating is an understatement. At the center of this “chronic fatigue” was a debilitating back pain. It first started as an intermittent pain in my lower back, eventually spreading up to my neck. Not clear if I injured myself or it was part of aging I continued to push through the pain daily, never taking any medication. In the summer of 2013 I noticed other problems – I could not reach objects in the shelves in my kitchen or lift heavy objects above my head. Was I shrinking?…

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