What Is Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy offers an innovative approach to regenerative-based treatments. Exosomes are major components of the stem cell secretome and are fascinating due to their comprehensive makeup.  They are tiny vesicles enriched with powerful growth factors, anti-inflammatory proteins, microRNA, and other bioactive molecules that function through communicating and coordinating the repair of damaged tissue.  Exosomes help stimulate the growth of new, healthy cells, such as those in hair follicles, skin, joints, muscles, and many others.  In short, they are key contributors to the body's natural ability to fight off injury and disease.

Promising Findings

Comprehensive research into exosome therapy is still in progress, yet the initial findings have been incredibly promising. Further research into their full potential will continue to reveal valuable information on treatment potential.

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What is a Stem Cell Secretome?

  • Stem cells, in large part, work by releasing a secretome or an array of molecules into the surrounding microenviroment where they can induce a cellular effect
  • The secretome is the entire collection of the bioactive molecules that are secreted by stem cells.
  • Exosomes are key components of this secretome.  They are tiny extracellular vesicles packaged with essential growth factors, cytokines, enzymes, cellular signals, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and other bioactive molecules that fuse with target cells in order to influence cellular activity.

An advanced solution. How do Exosomes work?

Exosomes are powerful players in regenerative medicine and the stem cell secretome and serve as key communicators between cells.

  • Exosomes are delivered to target tissue, where they fuse with cells
  • Once inside the cells, exosomes release their bioactive molecules that influence the behavior of cells in ways that stimulate growth and repair
  • In this manner, damaged, malfunctioning, or dormant cells can be repaired or triggered into an active state to promote optimal function 
  • Exosome therapy may influence the immune system in ways to inhibit certain cell types responsible for injury while at the same time stimulating others that have a protective effect on the body
  • Exosomes and cytosomes are acellular, meaning they are not live cells.  They are transport vesicles that contain concentrated bioactive molecules that can have profound effects on target tissues such as hair, skin, and joints.

What are sources of injury that exosomes may target

Causes of cellular and tissue damage throughout the body are multifactorial and may include:

  • Inflammation from acute or chronic disease states
  • Age-related degenerative tissue changes
  • Overuse injuries related to sports, exercise or everyday activities
  • Musculoskeletal injury
  • Systemic inflammation from autoimmune disease
  • Photodamage from chronic UV exposure

Target tissue for exosome therapy

  • Hair follicle and follicular microenvironment
  • Skin, including the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue
  • Musculoskeletal tissue such as bone, cartilage, tendon, ligaments, and muscle
  • Systemic targets that aid with energy, focus, and improved sleep
  • Chronic wounds

How are Exosomes delivered to the body?

Secretome therapy with exosomes may be introduced to target tissue via:

  • IV infusion into the bloodstream 
  • Direct injection to target tissue such as the scalp, skin, and joints
  • Topical application over the scalp and skin 
  • Exosomes may be used alone or in combination with stem cells or cytokine-rich plasma for additive or stacked results.

The Benefits of Exosome Therapy

Exosome-based treatments have the potential to combat numerous common conditions that affect the quality of everyday life and may be utilized alone or in combination with CRP/Matrix or advanced regenerative cells for use in 

  • Non-surgical hair restoration therapies such as BioScalp, Photobiomodulation, and other novel therapies
  • Surgical hair restoration such as Bio-Enhanced FUE and FUT
  • Secretome therapy with exosomes and cytosomes
  • Non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures such as BioFacial
  • Cytokine Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Plasma therapies
  • Orthopedic joint injections

Greco Hair Restoration is excited to offer exosome therapy as part of its regenerative treatment offering. To learn more, reach out to our Sarasota offices and set up your consultation today.

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Advantages of Secretome Therapy with Exosomes

Regenerative therapies incorporating exosomes have several distinct advantages that include:

  • Abundance- a single treatment may contain millions or billions of exosomes 
  • Rapid onset of action- as the exosomes are readily packaged with concentrated cellular signals such as growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and other bio-active molecules, they are primed to exert their influence over target cells immediately after delivery to the target tissue
  • Small size- Given their microscopic size measured in nanometers, they are easily incorporated into topical, injectable, or IV therapies and administered relatively quickly during treatment sessions
  • They do not contain live cells, so they have limited tissue reactivity and are well-tolerated
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Your Informative Consultation

Your restoration journey will start with a highly informative consultation, where you’ll meet with Dr. Greco, Jr. or Dr. Greco III to talk about your history and goals. Through conversation and analysis, a member of the Greco Team can assess whether it is an ideal solution for your condition and construct a customized plan to cater to your requirements.

We take a comprehensive approach to regenerative therapies and hair restoration, as our team of experts recognizes that a patient's concerns can be influenced by various factors such as genetic predispositions, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle choices, and overall health. We tailor our treatments to address the underlying causes and maximize successful outcomes.

Greco Hair Restoration is a renowned hair restoration clinic led by the Greco family. Our philosophy centers around specialized expertise in hair restoration and regenerative medicine, and we believe that our specialized care is part of a transformative journey that positively impacts one’s confidence and overall well-being.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to excellence and continuously stay updated on cutting-edge regenerative medical breakthroughs. By combining our professional proficiency with modern-day technology, we create personalized solutions for each client, ensuring top-notch quality and optimal results. Collaboration and empowerment are at the heart of our approach. We’ll work closely with you, providing education on the benefits and potential outcomes of regenerative treatments, empowering you to make informed decisions and gain the confidence needed to embrace your transformative restoration experience. Ready to get started? Reach out to our Sarasota offices and set up your consultation today.

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