A Decision I should have made sooner


I am 81 years old, very independent and have always been very active, walking 3-5 miles a day, yoga daily and active in the local community, volunteering the seniors and less fortunate with tax preparations. Starting in 2011, I found myself slowing down, less energy and loss of strength. To say this was frustrating is an understatement. At the center of this “chronic fatigue” was a debilitating back pain. It first started as an intermittent pain in my lower back, eventually spreading up to my neck. Not clear if I injured myself or it was part of aging I continued to push through the pain daily, never taking any medication. In the summer of 2013 I noticed other problems – I could not reach objects in the shelves in my kitchen or lift heavy objects above my head. Was I shrinking? I thought to myself. My son also commented about the conditions that were materializing and suggested an x-ray was an order. Well the x-ray came back, revealing I had a progressive case of scoliosis. The lower part of my spine curved to the left and looked like a “banana” in the x-ray. What next? I thought. My son mentioned a procedure that involved using my own blood that could help with the pain and potentially slowing down the progression of the scoliosis, PRP/CRP. As a health practitioner, my son was quite familiar with “regenerative medicine” and believes I would benefit from the procedure. Moreover, his research led him to one of the leaders in regenerative medicine – Dr. Greco of the Greco Group, who also successfully treated another client with scoliosis.

The Treatment

Without any delay, we sent my x-rays to Dr. Greco and he confirmed that my scoliosis was progressive, though he had some optimism in his voice that I would gain some benefit from the treatment. The day of the treatment I arrived at the clinic, which was very tranquil, making the experience even better, if you ask me. After being greeted by Dr. Greco he began our conversation by inquiring about my pain and mobility and overall health. He was so easy to speak with, which was quite refreshing. After reviewing my x-rays with me again he then spoke about the treatment, explaining every step in terms I understood. His patience and attention to detail was wonderful. Once I fully understood the procedure. The nurse then drew my blood for the procedure. While my blood was being prepared, Dr. Greco used an ultra-sound machine to examine my back in more detail to determine the areas for the injections. After the areas were identified for injection, the nurse and Dr. Greco went to work. The injections went fast, with little to no pain. What happened to next was truly amazing. Immediately the pain in my neck was gone. Dr. Greco mentioned gradual relief from pain. This was immediate in the upper area of the back. After leaving the clinic with my son, I noticed that the pain in my lower back was beginning to subside and I was standing up straighter walking better (faster). The next day I woke up and the pain in lower back was even less and I was standing even more strait. My son explained to me that the injections contained a lot different things that were captured from my blood, among them were growth factors and proteins, which are used for building and maintaining healthy tissue. With this in mind, he has prepared a physical therapy regime for strengthening the back that will take advantage of growth factors and proteins. “Kind of like a helping hand”.

One week after the procedure and with my physical therapy, I have 70 percent less pain, energy level is back to what it was in 2010. I can walk 4 miles 15 minutes faster than before procedure, my mental fatigue is gone, I attributed this to the reduction in pain, sleeping better. Clothes are fitting better and best of all I can reach the cabinets in my kitchen without any pain or a step stool !!! I am taller – I say, which was confirmed by my entire family. In closing, I must say the decision to have the PRP/CRP procedure with the Greco Group was one I should have made sooner. I was in pain longer than I needed to be.

Nancy G.

I am truly grateful

Five years ago recovering from rotator cuff surgery to my dismay I was told by my Surgeon. the other shoulder was in need of the same procedure. Saying I was discouraged is putting it mildly! I learned about the PRP injections from Dr. Joe after much research I gave it a go. These injections have been nothing short of a miracle for me. They have continued to allow me to weight train, swim and continue to work as a Personal Fitness Trainer without discomfort! I have recently had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Jon Greco with CRP. What a great team these two make! Their expertise, humble & pleasant nature makes one feel truly confident. Most important I have not had to have the 2nd surgery for this I am truly grateful.

Ed T.

More than I could have asked for

I have been to quite a few doctors in my lifetime and my experience with Dr. Greco has been more than I could have ever asked for. I went with issues in my knee and due to their cutting edge, PRP platelet rich plasma injections; I was able to get back to my normal workout routine within a month. I have never met a doctor who followed up multiple times with me just to make sure I was ok. He is the best and I have already referred multiple people to him, and they have had similar experiences.

Greg L.

I feel like I have my life back

I am writing to say that I am literally shocked at how much better my right knee feels. I received 2 injections in my right knee about one month apart, and didn’t really notice much difference for a while. Then, about 6 months afterwards, and 19 months after initial knee injury, while continuing exercise, but with no other type of new treatment, dramatic improvement occurred I have been biking daily, but I have to believe that the CRP injections had to have kicked in, as there really is no other explanation. Anyway, while not yet perfect, I am getting around (walking) much more normally and with NO PAIN in knee at all, as improvement continues. In the year prior to CRP treatment by Dr. Greco, I have tried numerous treatments including physical therapy, bracing, special exercises, massage, acupuncture, etc. without any results whatsoever. Thank you so much for all you have done. For the first time in almost 2 years, I feel like I have my life back.

Tom S.

Bio-FUE Patient Testimonials

Thank you from a very grateful me!

Hi Dr. Greco,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you so much for all the help with my hair transplant. I cannot believe how well I did through it. This was by far the best result and recovery I have ever had. The hair never did seem to fall out at all! It just started growing like crazy and is still growing like crazy! I have been able to wear it in ways that I haven’t been able to for a long time. I received so many compliments on New Year’s Eve it was amazing!! Now I do use a few tricks……but I must have heard ten times how thick and beautiful my hair was!! I think I will be sending one of my girlfriends your way if she is open to it. I think just your treatments would help her quite a bit.. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you from a very grateful me!!!! See you in the spring for a treatment before I go back to Michigan for the summer.


Non-Surgical Hair PRP Testimonials

I'm thrilled with the results!

Dr. Greco

I wanted to say how much I have loved the treatment on my scalp. It’s the 2nd time I have had it done and I really saw major results! I saw hair growth and thickening results within 2 months. I will continue to do the procedure once a year! Everyone is super nice as well. The staff and dr Greco is wonderful. It doesn’t hurt at all and is a fast procedure! I’m thrilled with the results!!!!!!!

Katrina Mil

My hair is kicking butt

Hey Dr. Greco,

Just thought I’d say hello and let you know my hair is kicking butt my man. I saw you April 3rd so it’s been like 80 days and my hair is fuller then it’s been in 10yrs. If you recall I went ahead and stopped taking the finasteride about 60days ago, I then did begin Rogaine to help off set and then about 3 weeks ago the laser cap. I attribute the treatment you gave me to my current success! The other two items certainly are going to start helping as well but just began the laser cap. I believe my scalp is as healthy as it’s been in decades. Thought you’d be pleased to hear my update, you know your Hair Joe…glad I know you!

Mike R.

I’ve had such GREAT results!

Hi Dr. Greco,

Here I am, following up about 5 months later! I don’t know why I waited so long – because I’ve had such GREAT results from my PRP treatment in May! I’ve kept telling myself that I needed to email you to let you know how happy I am with the procedure, but never got around to actually doing it. If you remember, I’ve been struggling with thin hair since 15, so the crown area is still a problem area, but I cant believe how much growth I’ve had (especially in the sides/top of my head) I’ve even had friends and family members giving me lots of compliments that my hair looks much thicker too. I also noticed a lot of “peach fuzz” type hairs coming in. The best part is that I no longer have to wear that DermMatch scalp concealer – it feels great. Back in June (the month after I had PRP), I noticed a LOT of drastic hair color changes, in fact my friends kept asking me if I was dying my hair (which I never did). My hair color did get richer and darker (like we discussed), and it even looks reddish in some lights, so I definitely achieved much richer hair color, but I also got a gray hair (my first one lol), and I don’t even know if it was related to the PRP, but it’s interesting to note that the single hair started turning gray from the bottom-up, like I dipped it in bleach or something. Anyways, not sure if that’s something you ever heard of, and I don’t mind the color changes, I actually think it’s neat and wanted to share that with you.


I see a clear difference

Dr Greco,

Just thought I’d send you a quick note on the subjective results of my last visit. I believe I see a clear difference in the amount of shedding that occurred after the previous 3 visits that I had. As you may recall I’ve only done PRP therapy for the first 3 visits, and I noticed reduced shedding after those visits. My initial thoughts are that this visit, using the matrix, has produced even less shedding since the procedure. I think I can subjectively conclude that this version of the procedure has improved the shedding loss after the visit. It appears that these visits are all slowing down the loss of hair, but that the matrix is slowing down the loss even more. If there is regrowth, then that would be pretty amazing… I’m definitely motivated to have another visit with you in 6 months to investigate the results.


What an exciting journey this has been

Dr. Greco, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the PRP treatment I received 5 months ago. My hair has been thinning for about 20 years. Since the treatment, I have had no further hair loss and my crown is thicker. Thank you so much for offering this treatment to me and others losing their hair. What an exciting journey this has been. Thanks again.

Jim M.

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