Revitalize Your Look with BioScalp + CRP/Matrix

For more than a decade now, Greco Hair Restoration has been at the forefront of non-surgical hair restoration. Our patented BioScalp treatment is made even more powerful with the addition of our signature CRP/Matrix, which utilizes your body’s own regenerative abilities to help you safely, naturally, and effectively regrow hair where it’s begun to thin or fall out. 

While many of us are aware of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and the regenerative benefits it can have, few are aware of CRP (cytokine-rich plasma) and the impressive results it can create when utilized in the pursuit of hair restoration. If you’d like to learn more about how this treatment can benefit you, reach out to our Sarasota office and set up your consultation today.

The Three Active Components of CRP/Matrix

Growth Factors

CRP/Matrix is positively loaded with growth factors that come from your very own body. These growth factors help to stimulate the growth and function of special cells that have a regenerative effect on your body and its ability to grow hair. You’ll enjoy enhanced cellular growth in your skin and hair for a healthy, youthful outcome.

Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines

Anti-inflammatory cytokines go an impressively long way toward helping you grow healthy, natural hair by blocking the harmful inflammation that is so often a major contributing factor in both male and female pattern baldness. By limiting the presence of chronic inflammation, you’ll enjoy hair that grows in a more balanced, natural environment.

Natural Protein Matrix

CRP/Matrix sets itself apart with our proprietary technique that enables the creation of a natural, protein-rich matrix. This matrix acts as a sort of “biological scaffold,” enabling us to concentrate growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the treatment area at much higher levels than would be possible otherwise.

How Does the Procedure Work?

In most cases, the pattern baldness that can affect both men and women (androgenic alopecia) involves miniaturization of the follicles, preventing them from producing hair as they normally would. BioScalp with CRP/Matrix utilizes your body’s natural regenerative powers to help reverse these changes, enabling you to once again grow healthy, natural hair that fills you with confidence.

Extracting the CRP

The first part of the process involves extracting the CRP from your blood. CRP stands for cytokine-rich plasma, and it’s absolutely loaded with regenerative compounds and growth factors that help with things like reducing inflammation, increasing microcirculation to your scalp, and helping your follicles stay healthy and functional. After a simple blood draw, we’ll purify and extract the CRP for injection.

Processing the CRP

Our in-office, specialized lab is devoted to processing CRP/Matrix as well as all other regenerative therapies. We utilize a patented and proprietary method designed to maximize optimal concentrations of growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins that will be delivered directly back into the target areas of hair loss. Our proprietary method creates a natural protein matrix that enhances and extends treatment results over a long period of time.

The BioScalp processing is also enhanced by applying low-level light therapy, or photobiomodulation, directly to the CRP/Matrix prior to injection in order to photo-inhibit damaging inflammatory cells and photoactivate circulating regenerative cells into action.  Photoactivation of regenerative cells may further enhance the effects of hair growth and promote an improved wound-healing environment.

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Integrating the CRP

The CRP/Matrix will then be gently injected into the treatment area directly at the level of the hair follicles. This will enable the CRP to go to work, rejuvenating the treatment area and helping to restore follicles that might have stopped producing healthy, attractive hair. We often take a synergistic approach to hair restoration, so your injections may also be combined with advanced regenerative therapies, microneedling, red light therapy, and other innovative treatments, enabling us to utilize the regenerative powers of your own CRP as completely as possible.

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Is BioScalp with CRP/Matrix Right for Me?

One of the keys to understanding hair restoration involves realizing that a cookie-cutter approach is never appropriate. Every patient is unique, both in terms of their personal goals and the specific type of hair loss that they are experiencing. Here at Greco Hair Restoration, we’re proud to be able to offer our patients a number of advanced hair restoration techniques. When you meet with a member of the Greco Family for your initial consultation, they’ll get to know you and your goals, learn about your hair loss history, and work with you to craft a treatment plan that is tailored directly to your needs. You’re likely to be a great candidate for our BioScalp + CRP/Matrix non-surgical hair restoration procedure if you’re interested in addressing:

  • Male or female pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia)
  • Hair loss influenced by aging, hormonal or nutritional imbalances, stressors on the body, medications, damaging hairstyles, or other environmental factors
  • Inflammatory conditions such as lupus, psoriasis, thyroid disorders, and alopecia areata
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Our Reputation for Excellence

Greco Hair Restoration has been earning a reputation for excellence over the course of three generations, and our helpful staff will be excited to learn more about how it can help you regain your confidence and enjoy all the empowerment that comes from showing the world a healthy head of natural hair. Drs. Joseph Greco, Jr. and Joseph Greco, III are proudly carrying on their family legacy and continue to build on Dr. Joseph Greco, Sr.’s innovations in the field of advanced, non-surgical hair restoration.

Our signature BioScalp hair restoration procedure is made even more effective by the integration of a highly effective CRP/Matrix, allowing us to harness your body’s natural regenerative abilities. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to our Sarasota office and set up your initial consultation today.

Add-On Therapies

Our signature BioScalp treatment may be further optimized by adding advanced regenerative therapies such as exosomes and cytosomes that contain key signaling molecules, high levels of growth factors, anti-inflammatory proteins, and cellular building blocks that collectively promote greater regenerative and restorative effects.

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Setting Ourselves Apart

Our BioScalp with CRP/Matrix non-surgical hair restoration technique is truly unique thanks to the creation of a natural protein matrix, enhancing our ability to naturalistically create exciting and restorative results. Greco Hair Restoration is a practice founded upon innovation, as it was started by Dr. Joseph Greco, Sr., a leading pioneer in the hair restoration industry. Today, his son and grandson—Drs. Joseph Greco, Jr. and Joseph Greco, III—carry on his legacy, continuing to offer patients some of the most innovative and advanced hair restoration options available.

Are you ready to get started on your life-affirming hair restoration journey? The Greco Family believes that everyone deserves to enjoy the confidence and self-esteem that comes along with a healthy, robust set of hair, and we’re excited to learn more about how we can help you absolutely love your look. Reach out and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team today.

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