Comprehensive Hair Regeneration Options for Natural Hair Restoration

Hair loss affects both men and women of all ages and the causes are multifactorial, including hormonal influences, inflammation, medications, dysregulation of cellular signaling, reductions in blood supply to key areas of the scalp, and age-related reduction in growth factor and stem cell activity to name just a few.  Advanced regenerative therapies provide a source of regenerative cells, growth factors, cellular signals and immune modulating molecules that combat and neutralize many of these causative agents to restore normal function to the hair follicle in hopes of stopping hair loss and boosting hair growth.

Metabolic Activity and the Microenvironment

Activity in two key regions of the hair follicle, the bulge and dermal papilla, are essential for hair growth.  Cells in these regions are highly metabolically active and require a steady supply of oxygen, micronutrients, growth factors and other cellular signals from the neighboring microenvironment.  Proper function of cells in these key regions are essential for the hair follicle to enter the growth phase, remain there for prolonged periods of time, and resist transition into the resting phase.  

Our goal is to create a healthy enriched follicular microenvironment to maximize and sustain hair growth. Clinically, this translates to and increase in density of hair by reactivating miniaturizing or dormant hairs to re-enter the growth phase for extended periods of time.

And by extending the growth phase and delaying the entrance to the resting state, the diameter or caliber of the hair becomes thicker and larger adding a fuller, more dense appearance.  A reduction of hair loss, shedding, and miniaturization of the hair also occurs by removing the inflammation and overcoming deficiencies in blood supply and cellular signals by fortifying the key regions of the scalp or brows with oxygen, vital micronutrients, growth factors and other cellular signals that drive the healthiest growth possible.  Collectively this creates and optimal growth environment for added density and thickness of hair that is healthy, vibrant, strong and resilient.

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Benefits of Regenerative Hair Therapies

We want to drive the follicular cells into high metabolic activity and provide them with all of the tools and ingredients for a growth environment that remains active for the longest duration possible.  The clinical benefits of this are:

  • Increased density and restoration of fullness
  • Increased thickness or caliber of the hair shaft
  • Improved quality, texture and resilience of hair
  • Restoration of the hairline, crown, brow and beard
  • Improved scalp health
  • Decreased shedding
  • Decreased thinning
  • Decreased breakage
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Ideal Candidates for Regenerative Hair Restoration

  • If you suffer from hair loss or thinning of hair
  • Those looking to maintain or restore a natural hairline and density
  • Individuals in various stages of hair loss from multiple causes
  • If you suffer from excessive shedding of hair
  • Those suffering from inflammatory induced hair loss
  • Individuals looking for improved quality of their scalp and hair

Regenerative therapies for hair growth

By harnessing the natural power of regenerative cells, scientists and hair restoration specialists have tapped into nature's own rejuvenation system. These remarkable cells, when strategically activated or enhanced in the scalp, can breathe new life into dormant hair follicles, triggering their growth and reviving your hair. 

Regenerative therapies offer patients a number of benefits for hair regrowth: It allows for a natural way to stimulate the hair follicles and create a nourishing microenvirmonment.   Ultimately this may lead to new hair growth by acting on the cells responsible for hair development, repairing any impairment, and initiating growth.

A combination approach

Our tailored approach at Greco Hair Restoration is designed to provide multiple available therapies in combination to optimize and maintain the levels of growth factors, cytokines, oxygen, blood supply and cellular signals to achieve the healthiest and fullest hair growth possible.  Advanced regenerative therapies may be combined with the following procedures to create a nourished environment for optimal results:

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Transformative Hair Restoration Experience with Greco Hair Restoration

Our Hair Restoration Center recognizes that everyone's experience with hair loss is different. That is why we create individualized treatment plans that are customized to your needs, hair loss pattern, and desired outcomes. Our doctors will carefully evaluate your situation and discuss available options with you, both surgical and non-surgical so that you can make an informed decision.

At Greco Hair Restoration, we are dedicated to surpassing your expectations and giving you results that will leave you feeling comfortable, satisfied, and safe. With us, you will have a supportive team guiding you through each step of the hair restoration process, from the first time we speak to your post-treatment care--because we are committed to you. Join us on your transformative journey today. 

Take the first step towards regaining your natural hair and confidence. Join us at Greco Hair Restoration and experience the life-changing results of our hair restoration services. Contact us today, and let us guide you toward a brighter, more confident future.

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