This 50 year old Male presented with a torn “surgically repaired” right triceps tendon. The patient tore the triceps tendon and had it surgically repaired, tore it a second time and was facing a second surgery to repair the tear. PRP autologous graft was proposed.

Platelet Rich Plasma with protein matrix (OroGen Plus) was injected into the tear and a second treatment followed 6 weeks later. Eight weeks after the second treatment the patient reported.

“I wouldn’t say the injection you gave me was a miracle, but pretty darn close. I have 60% of the strength in my treated arm than in my left arm and I had zero percent before the treatment. I am doing 40 push ups now and at this point I would never have surgery. It feels to darn good”.


This 52 year old electrician had rotator cuff surgery on his right shoulder and was out of work for six months. He presented with pain in his surgically repaired shoulder, a partial rotator cuff tear in his other shoulder and a painful left lateral elbow. The pain in all three areas made it difficult for him to even hang a fan.

PRP matrix graft was injected in all three areas and at one week the patient reported “zero” pain. Three weeks later the patient complained of, “difficulty sleeping at night”. When asked if his shoulders were painful when he was sleeping he replied, “ I don’t have any pain, in fact, two days after my injections I didn’t have any pain. I stopped taking the six hydrocodone I was taking daily for six months for the pain”.

The patient was obviously in withdrawal from stopping all the pain medicine so abruptly. Today the patient said, “ this treatment save my marriage because I was not the same person when I was on all the pain medicine”. He only had one PRP treatment!
M. Tores

JUNE 22, 2010

I am writing this testimonial one year after an injury that I thought was the end of my pole vaulting career. Please read on as I hope my success will help you see how great PRP really is:
As a college sophomore I injured my back and thought my pole vaulting career was over because in February 2009 an MRI showed a bulging disc located at L5/S1 in my lower back. At first the pain was excruciating. Car rides were uncomfortable, sleeping and walking all gave me pain. Physical therapy sessions consisting of heat and electric stimulation only lessened the pain a little. Nothing seemed to make the pain disappear. Frustrated and unhappy I decided to research non surgical options and this new treatment called PRP. After doing my research I and hearing about the results from previous patients so I decided to fly to Clearwater, Florida and give it a try.

Before the treatment, my freshman year at Shippensburg University the highest I pole vaulted was 14 feet 9 inches (To see proof visit http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2209874.html and look for Bucknell Heptagonal 1/17/09). After receiving treatment in October 2009 the highest I jumped was 15 feet 9 inches, “one foot of improvement” after receiving the PRP treatment (To see proof visit http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2761625.html and look for ECAC Division III Outdoor Championships 5/31/10).

To this day I have no back pain what so ever. I can continue my post season workouts and lifting regimens without any hassle. Back burden lifts such as squat and dead lift are pain free. I can now focus on improving my pole vaulting marks even more!

Thanks, Nicco Dalpiaz

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