PRP before and after

New Independent Study Demonstrates “New” hair growth and “Denser” hair with PRP

PRP for Androgenic Alopecia

by Gilbert Amgar, MD and Pierre Bouhanna, MD, Paris, France.

PRP before and after Dr Gilbert Amgar and Pierre Bouhanna, MD, both physicians who are experienced in hair restoration and autologous cellular therapy, have completed a study utilizing PRP for male and female pattern hair loss. Dr Bouhanna, an eminent Dermatologist and author of numerous textbooks in hair transplantation, concluded that the growth factor’s in PRP increase the density of hair and also causes new hair growth.

This is a before slide on the left and after slide on the right demonstrating an increase of 22.4% in both new hair and denser hair at 3 months after PRP treatment.

Slide #2 This is a comparison before on the left and after on the right demonstrating a 57% increase in new hair and 58% increase in density in this patient at 9 months.

picture of a scalp up closeConclusion:

This study verifies the growth factor’s in PRP alone, “increase density of hair” and also promote “new hair growth”. High levels of growth factors, over four times normal, were used and no WBC’s, no RBC’s, no concentrated matrix or A Cell was used in this study.


This independent study by Drs.Amgar and Bouhanna is an important evidenced based study verifying what we have been saying since I first utilized PRP for non-surgical hair improvement in 2007. The combination of all the growth factor’s in PRP are the essential ingredient to promote denser hair and new hair growth in non-surgical autologous cellular therapy treatments.

picture of a magazineIn a recent issue of Prime, a peer review Journal for Aesthetic Medicine, Gilbert Amgar, MD and Pierre Bouhanna, MD state, “the use of PRP for applications in hair loss is far from being minor. In the future, the authors hope to improve the protocol and show that PRP also has a preventive effect on hair disorders” 

Dr Bouhanna is an eminent Dermatologist from Paris and expert in hair loss disorders. He has written five textbooks in hair loss disorders and developed the only Scalp Diploma course in the world given at the University of Paris. Dr Amgar is a widely published physician from Paris specializing in aesthetic medicine and author of numerous studies on the effects of PRP on skin and hair loss disorders.In the future, we are collaborating on a textbook chapter on PRP and preventive treatments for hair loss diseases. Dr. Greco was a faculty member at the first scalp diploma course and will be on Dr Bouhanna’s faculty at the 2014 Scalp Diploma course.Two of the patient photos in the PRIME article are patients of Greco Medical Group that participated in our ISHRS research grants in 2007 for Androgenetic Alopecia (male and female pattern hair loss) and in 2009 for Alopecia Areata. As more objective independent studies are published like this, we are gaining more independent verification of what we developed in 2007 is becoming important as a future hair loss treatment and preventive therapy.

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