We are leaders in Biologic Medicine for Hair Restoration and Healing.


Experience and knowledge count when evaluating whom to choose for your procedures.  Joseph F Greco, PhD, PA/C and Greco Hair Restoration have been in the forefront of using biologic medicine or PRP for improved treatment procedure results.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an exciting treatment known as “Orthobiologics”. PRP therapy offers a safe promising solution to accelerate healing of tendon/ ligament injuries and osteoarthritis naturally without subjecting the patient to significant risk. The goal is to merge cutting edge technology with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. If a patient has undergone traditional therapy that failed, PRP therapy may have been used to heal acute and chronic injuries and many times avoid surgery. PRP is used in surgery to both “seal and heal” and may be use after surgery to promote more rapid healing.

Platelet rich plasma has also been utilized in hair restorations surgery since 2004 and its role is expanding as more physicians understand the benefits in this surgical procedure. While still experimental, the use of PRP in patients as an adjunct treatment to thicken hair is gaining popularity and has been used since 2007. Double randomized independent studies are ongoing to further evaluate the efficacy of its use for this purpose, but because it is autologous (same donor) it is a safe therapy. The use of PRP in hair restoration surgery has multiple advantages. Carlos Uebel, MD first demonstrated that the use of PRP leads to increased follicular unit yield by 15.1%. Numerous studies have demonstrated the use of PRP in hair transplantation leads to diminished scalp erythema, crusting, decreased patient discomfort, swelling, accelerated hair growth and increased size of follicular units. In 2007, Dr. Greco suggested utilization of PRP in donor sites to promote quicker healing, less scarring and infusing PRP into the recipient site to promote vascularization to the new transplanted follicles. Since PRP treated patients hair matured sooner than non transplanted patients, a study was done in 2008 to ascertain effects of PRP on non transplanted hair and it indicated increased hair diameter in the PRP treated group.


  1. On the Faculty and Lectured on Cellular therapy at 8 International Symposiums since 2007
  2. Completed two Research Grants in Cellular therapy
  3. Published numerous Journal articles in Cellular therapy
  4. Published Textbook chapter in Cellular Therapy
  5. Director of Clinical Research for OroGen BioSciences, an R&D company specializing in Growth Factor
  6. and Stem cell technology.
  7. Patent pending IP in cellular therapy
  8. Developed Non surgical treatments for Hair loss diseases
  9. We are the only three generation Family in the world performing Hair Restoration

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