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Birth Tissue, Inflammation and Hair Regeneration

Inflammation causes acceleration of male and female pattern hair loss and is the common thread with all autoimmune hair loss diseases like Alopecia Areata (AA), Discoid Lupus (DL), lichen planopilaris (LPP) and other cicatricial alopecia’s.  Therefore, reducing systemic inflammation is critical in modifying (slowing down) the side effects such as hair loss and scaring.

Defects in the immune system also have effects on hair and a new study, published online May 26, 2017 in Cell, suggest that “defects in Tregs could be responsible for alopecia areata, a common autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss and could potentially play a role in other forms of baldness, including male pattern baldness”. 1

“We think of immune cells as coming into a tissue to fight infection, while stem cells are there to regenerate the tissue after it’s damaged,” M. Rosenbloom said, “But what we found here is that stem cells and immune cells have to work together to make regeneration possible”. 1

The following Case study exemplifies this theory that stem cells and immune cells must work together to make hair regeneration possible.

Case Study

The patient is a 63 year old male with Androgenic Alopecia (AGA) Male Pattern hair loss and a positive scalp biopsy for lichen planopilaris (LPP). Hair transplantation was not an option because of the LPP so Umbilical Cord Stem cells MSC’s were used systemically to reduce inflammation and support the immune system. A growth factor /concentrated matrix combination was injected into his scalp at the same time and this is his result 8 months after one treatment.

before and after picture of hair transplant

Fig 1


before and after picture of hair transplant

Fig 2

This patient’s hair color darkened significantly, like many regenerative patients experience after treatment, as well as hair character and aesthetic density increased. Systemically, positive side effects occurred when the patient PSA dropped from 2.9 to 2.1 and LDL Cholesterol dropped from 121 to 95 with no lifestyle change. The patient is a vegetarian and exercises 7 days a week.

Finally, this novel treatment may be an alternative protocol to regenerate hair and modify the progression of inflammatory diseases in cicatricial alopecia’s when hair transplantation is not indicated and other systemic treatments fail. More studies are definitely warranted.

References 1- Rosenblum, MD, PhD, 2017. On-line pub UCSF News Center New Hair Growth Mechanism Discovered, Faulty Immune H. Cells May Play Role in Alopecia, Other Forms of Baldness, published on-line May 26 in Cell

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