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By Bob Brandt, OroGen BioSciences

Platelets are the mediators of all wound healing. They regulate and modulate the rate of repair that the other healing cells perform. Think of them as the maestro leading the orchestra into a beautiful musical piece. First he directs the horns to play. Then, he asks the strings to join in and all the time, regulating the flow, depth and tempo.

Now, because we have used so many platelets, the signal they send out is heard all over the body by a different subset of cells. Kind of like a construction crew…the plumbers, carpenters, electricians, brick layers, painters, etc. They all have a specialty that is needed to construct a building. If we put a skeleton crew of construction workers at a jobsite, it takes quite a while for the job to be completed. Now if we increase the crew by ten fold, we hopefully can have our building up in a fraction of the time. The same is true with PRP and wound repair.

Now imagine this. Our construction crew is driving to work and the bridge that they have to cross to get to the job site collapsed during the night. They can all crawl down the embankment and up the other side to get to work, but it is going to take a very long time for them to get to their destination and they are going to have to expend a lot of energy to accomplish this. The same thing happens when we are trying to repair a torn ligament or tendon, broken bone, diabetic wound or possibly a spinal fusion. To a cell, looking over torn ligament fibers is akin to looking over the Grand Canyon. They will probably never get from one side of the fiber to the other, so the injury remains chronic and eventually some scar tissue will form, but the fibers never mend themselves.

Our process (OroGen Plus) uses the body’s own material to make a bridge so that the cells have somewhere to cross. We call this a matrix or scaffold and it contains not only fibrin, but also vitronectin and fibronectin, in concentrated quantities, two very important proteins needed for wound healing. Inside of this matrix are the conductors, or the Pied Pipers, who are calling out to all the healing cells (including stem cells) in the body to come join the party at Fred’s injured leg. We have taken the simple and expanded on it to make it super juice in a way to make it easier and simpler to use. This is regenerative medicine!

 The best way to evaluate a patient is to arrange a personal, in-depth consultation. However, this is impossible for many patients who fly in from other parts of the country or world. For this reason we have developed the remote consultation package, which is an acceptable alternative to the in-person personal consult.

Once your photos and questionnaire are reviewed, we will telephone you to discuss your questions or concerns regarding the procedure. You will also be given a suggested treatment plan and the costs involved. Click here for more complete information on our free on-line hair restoration consultation process.

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